Vertical Structures is an industry leader in meeting customer’s structural engineering needs. We provide a wide range of engineering and drafting services.  Our in-house engineers are registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.   

Vertical Structures performs thousands of tower and mount analyses each year.  Our talented and experienced engineers enjoy the challenge of providing the most cost effective and innovative remedial modification designs in the industry.  Working closely with our construction team ensures the constructability of each design.     

All of our engineers are certified climbers and can support customers on site or on the tower whenever and wherever necessary. 

Tower Engineering Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Structural Analysis of Existing Towers
  • Structural Design of New Towers
  • Structural Design of New Tower Foundations
  • Structural Design of Tower Extensions
  • Structural Design of Remedial Tower Modifications
  • Structural Design of Remedial Tower Foundation Modifications
  • Structural Design of Remedial Antenna Mount Modifications
  • Third Party Review of New Tower Designs

Vertical Structures provides a wide range of engineering and drafting services. Our project engineers are responsible for the analysis and modification design of towers, monopoles, rooftop structures, and other special structures used for telecommunications.  With over 20 years of engineering experience and in-house construction support, we are the leader in meeting your engineering needs in the telecommunications industry.

Structural Analysis

  • Performed and certified by in-house registered professional engineers (PE)
  • Registered in all 48 contiguous states, Hawaii and the District of Columbia
  • Licensed structural engineers (SE) on staff which allow us to complete work in any states with title or practice restrictions
  • Guaranteed to conform to all applicable national and local standards
  • Expedited turn-around available
  • Equipped to handle all sizes and types of towers

Mount Analysis

  • Create three dimensional models of platforms, sector frames, side arms, and other mounting systems using finite element software
  • Design mount modifications that are economical and constructible
  • Able to meet carrier needs and classifications established by AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Structural Modification Design Drawings

  • Work closely with our team of construction managers to ensure designs are constructible
  • Design tower and foundation modifications that meet industry standards and design specifications
  • Develop cost-effective solutions that allow carriers to upgrade their service efficiently and economically
  • Create detailed structural design drawings used for steel fabrication and construction