Vertical Structures provides a wide range of construction services.  With over 20 years of construction experience and in-house engineering support, we are the leader in meeting your construction needs in the telecommunications industry.

Structural and Foundation Upgrade Modifications

  • Prepare competitive bids to install designed structural and foundation modifications for existing towers
  • Equipped to install structural and foundation modifications on any tower
  • In-house fabrication and material inventory expedites the construction forecasts
  • Work closely with our team of registered professional engineers to eliminate third party RFIs
  • Offer certified welding services, both aerial and ground
  • All work abides by safe rigging plans that are reviwed by a registered professional engineer

Antenna and Line Installation

  • Install mounts, antennas, and feedlines to get carriers online quickly and efficiently
  • Offer microwave path alignment and waveguide testing services

Other Construction Services

  • New tower erection and foundation installation
  • Site development
  • Decommission equipment removals