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 Vertical Structures is an engineering and construction company dedicated solely to the subject of communications structures. Our business is to provide tower structural analysis, engineered tower fabricated materials and construction details for complete economical remedial solutions. We will provide engineering or construction services on any tower or elevated structure regardless of the make, model or geographic location. We specialize in preparation of tower modification construction details and fully fabricated structurally engineered materials. These solutions are complete, structurally accurate and economically feasible since they are resolved with engineers and contractors. Finally, we offer a range of tower field services, specializing in tower and foundation rework. This includes engineering assisted tower mapping and geo-physical investigation of foundation systems. We also provide structural and field services relating to other elevated communication installments on buildings, tanks and utility structures.

 We feel a strong engineering presence coupled with construction and fabrication services offers our customers the best opportunity to get structures enhanced for additional loads in an expedient and economical manner.

 Vertical Structures has assembled a team of engineers, contractors, managers and supervisors as well as financial and capital resources to handle difficult communications structure related projects either large or small. We have close working relationships with fabricators such as Falcon Steel; A & E firms such as Alcoa; equipment providers such as Andrew Corp. and Motorola; and a vast network of local electricians, drilling contractors, geo-technical firms, and electronics installers across the country. We use these contacts developed through years of experience in the business to bring our customers total site solutions with efficiency and high speed to market. Finally, we developed an engineering electronic archival system that lets us retrieve any work we have completed for reference or electronic transfer within minutes using keyword search capabilities of PDF data-files.

 If you have any needs related to your telecommuncations projects, please consider Vertical Structures, Inc.

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